Witty Knitties

FullSizeRenderCold, snowy days are when I get itchy fingers to knit.  My mum was a master knitter. She would knit these complicated Norwegian sweaters & mittens, and design her own patterns. Her workmanship was impeccable.  I have knitted a few sweaters, and, of course, the staple socks, mittens and scarves, but I don't have my mum's patience. I prefer knitting projects that are relatively simple, sometimes silly and/or tiny. FullSizeRender_1I knit this hat for Jules, my daughter, pictured when she was 3. (She's almost 14 now!) As you can see, her hat had kitty cat ears; my hat was red and had devil horns. As I knit these, I kept giggling to myself because I had to keep trying on the hats to figure out exactly where to position the ears or horns. You can find the pattern of the "adults-only devil hat" and "official kittyville hat" in Debbie Stoller's book Stitch 'N Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook. Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 5.01.47 PM A year later, when Jules' love of playing with babies and having tea parties was at its peak, I knit her a plate of cupcakes. I had so much fun trying to find soft, yummy yarn for frosting, and sequins, beads & buttons for sprinkles.  This clever pattern came from Leigh Radford's One Skein: 30 Quick Projects to Knit and Crochet. Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 5.05.10 PMFullSizeRender (1) I've always liked tiny things. When I first saw these adorable wine bottle toppers in The Sundance Catalog, I just knew I had to make them as part of a hostess gift.  wine hat & scarf If I do knit something more commonplace, I like to adorn it with a trinket or small bauble, such as the small pewter flower button on these fingerless gloves. glove And finally, I LOVE to knit baby hats. They take only a few hours to make and they're so fun to give as presents. I especially like the umbilical cord newborn baby hat (below in blue & pink) from The Stitch n' Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook mentioned above. Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 12.19.09 PM The knitted baby hat is one of my staple baby gifts along with Mrs. Mustard's Baby Faces book by Jane Wattenberg. The book folds out like an accordion; on the one side, the babies are happy and smiling. On  the other side, the babies are sad and crying. I have yet to meet a baby who doesn't like this book! baby2IMG_1608baby1  

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